In order to assist college and sixth form students to be able to access education more easily in Somerset and to promote healthier lifestyles, whilst also reducing the amount of CO2 produced in the County, Somerset County Council (SCC) are currently running an initiative called ‘The College Bicycle Loan Scheme’.

This initiative allows a student living in Somerset and attending a full-time education course, to loan a bicycle, lights and a lock at low cost via the scheme for an academic year.  At the end of the loan period the student has the option to buy the bicycle and equipment at a highly subsidised rate or return it.

The way it works is:        

1.     We provide students with a new bike including lights and a lock.

2.     Students pay SCC an admin fee of £60 (none refundable) to cover the costs of administration, delivery and setup and deposit of £99

3.     At the end of the year, the student either return the bike to SCC and their £99 deposit returned (subject to wear and tear conditions), or the student keeps the bike and SCC keep your £99. The bike then becomes the student’s property.

It’s a great deal for students as they can either loan a new bike, lights and lock for £60, or can purchase the bike including kit (worth up to £320) for £159. The scheme will deliver it to the student at their sixth form or college of choice and set it up for their comfort.


Am I eligible?

You need to be:

  • living in Somerset
  • attending a full-time further education course in Somerset 2015 - 16

In the event of over subscription bikes will be allocated based upon need e.g. distance from college or lack of transport options

You might also be able to join the scheme if you live over the border but attend college/6th form in Somerset. 


What bike will I get?

This year SCC are able to offer 2 styles of bike as part of the scheme, students will have a choice of either the new Claud Butler Trail Ridge or the Claud Butler Urban 100

Claud Butler Trail ridge 1.2 (male or female frame)


Or, Claud Butler Urban 100 (male or female frame)


Both style of bike comes in a variety of sizes in men's and women's frames. The bike team will sort out the correct size with you once you apply.


How do I take part?

1. Download, fill out and return the application form on this page.  

2. You will need to get parental consent if you are under 18.

3. Somerset County Council will let you know if we are able to provide you with a bike by sending you an e-mail following the application deadline.

4. You will need to pay your deposit of £99 and the £60 fee to us within one week of receiving the approval e-mail from us.

5. SCC will deliver your bike to you at your college/6th form on a date to be agreed. We will set up the bike for you and take you on a familiarisation ride at the same time.

6.You will need to return the bike, or decide if you want to keep it (in which case SCC would keep your deposit).


How do I find out more information?

To find out further information about the scheme please email movingforward@somerset.gov.uk